Website competitor analysis

You now have an overview of your competitors. You’ve assessed their place in the market and conducted an audience comparison. Now, let’s delve into their website performance to uncover: Which channels are performing well for your competitors Which sites are your strongest competitors Which sites you can compete with to quickly gain market share Let’s start with some digital data for the Similar web Website Analysis report. Here, we’ve created a competitor analysis example for together with its key competitors. Traffic & Engagement for Food Insight Looking at Traffic & Engagement metrics, we see that is getting substantially more traffic than its competitors, followed by keto cycle diet.

Now, traffic is a limited metric

Let’s qualify our findings with engagement metrics. Engagement metrics for Food Insight and its competitors Again, we see Telemarketing Data that is a clear winner in the Nutrition Diets and Fitness category. Visits over time for Food Insight and its competitors But, when we look at visits over time, shows an obvious downward trend. Let’s move over to Channels. Channels overview for Food Insight and its competitors Above, you can see that is winning in Organic

Search and Direct traffic

Direct traffic indicates that they have better brand recognition than their competitors. Also notable is that  Australian data keto cycle diet is investing heavily in advertising, and none of its competitors are competing in this space. This might be a big opportunity for you as this space is mostly untapped. Pro tip: Keep track of your competitors with a Competitive Tracker Once you know who your competitors are, you can track them over time with a Similar web Competitive Tracker.

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