Google is changing how it shows search results to European users

In recent years, the European Google is changing Union has passed a series of laws to hold .Big Tech companies accountable for their . Business practices and force them to implement more consumer-friendly policies. Such as requiring USB-C on iPhones. The Digital Markets Act (DMA) is one such regulation that aims to ensure fair and open digital markets by reducing the power of “gatekeepers” such as Alphabet (Google), Apple, Meta (Facebook), Microsoft, Amazon and ByteDance (TikTok).

Google is introducing a Data Google is changing

With the DMA set to take effect in Fax Lists March 2024. Google is making a number of changes to some of its most popular products. Including Search and Android . One of the more significant consumer-focused changes will see the company . Disaggregated units” to its search results when EU residents are looking for something to buy. And show links to comparison sites from around the web. The new search pages also include “query shortcuts” at the top to help people refine their search. If you’re looking for hotels. Google allocates a special space in its search results for comparison sites and provides more details for each individual result. Including pictures, star ratings, and more.

Google also offers European residents

To comply with the DMA guidelines Aust Data and implement these changes. Google must also remove its own services. Such as Google Flights, from search results. Google also offers European residents more search engine options on Android. Allowing them to choose a default search engine other than Google. The company offers similar options to Chrome users on desktop computers.IPhones and iPads. Google presents EU users with an additional consent banner in search results and asks them .If it can continue to share data across its apps and services in order to customize . Content and deliver personalized ads. The company warns that if the user opts out of the related services, some features may be limited or unavailable.



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