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Thus, for a simple sales site, prices can start from 500 euros and can even reach up to 5000 euros for a complex and personalized website. E-commerce platform: When it comes to choosing the right e-commerce platform. You need to consider the associated costs and available options. There are various variants on the market, including free platforms such as Woo Commerce (for WordPress) or Shopify. They offer monthly subscriptions starting at around €30 and costs can go up as you need additional features or more complex plans. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose the platform that best suits your. Business and will allow you to create the online store of your dreams. Site Security. Even in the online environment it is essential to ensure.

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The attacks of digital “criminals”! To WhatsApp Number List ensure that your website is secure and customer data is protected, you need to invest in SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates. The costs for such a certificate start from 50 euros per year. You can also choose to benefit from additional security services, which can reach up to 500 euros per year. Additional features and extensions: As you develop your sales site, you’ll. Likely want to add additional functionality, such as integration with payment systems. Marketing tools, or inventory tracking functionality. The costs of these extensions and services can vary, but on average, you should expect between 100 and 500 euros per extension. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):You cannot ignore the power of SEO in this digital age.

The cost of an effective investment

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In search engine optimization Aust Data can vary depending on the size and competition in the industry in which your business operates. For a medium-sized sales site, costs can start from 500 and reach 2000 euros per month for SEO services. Marketing and promotion:Congratulations, you’ve gathered all the information you need to develop a spectacular sales website. But now comes the fun part – attracting visitors! To achieve success, you need to invest in quality promotion and advertising. Set a marketing budget based on your goals.In general, it is recommended to allocate around 10-20% of revenue to promotion and advertising. That means you should expect to invest around 500-5000 euros per month on this.

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