Backing up is the which offers just two performance cores and eight efficiency cores.

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The BenQ GW2485TC retails at £200, although. with monitor prices on. The rise you’ll be hard-. Pressed to find one for much. Cheaper in major retailers. For the money . you get a 24-inch IPS panel . With a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 . A refresh rate of 75 Hz and.  A quoted response time of 5 ms G2G.  Therefore ,It does not support adaptive sync technology.The port design is a bit unusual . on top of the single HDMI .

BenQ GW2485TC review: What do you get for the money?

What is immediately. Apparent is how much better the C Level Executive List GW2485TC is than its spiritual. predecessors, the GL2480 and GW2475H. This touch monitor is more expensive.  Therefore,Than either of them, But it’s immediately clear. where the money goes .The bezels are slim, the stand is. beautifully minimalistic, and the back panel is woven with a striking cross-luxe.

BenQ GW2485TC review: What do we like about it?

 when you move up and away from the screen .The glare is visible, as if the panel is reflecting bright light. It’s not a distraction .when you’re using the monitor in any way .But it’s still worth noting.This panel is also colored red or blue. depending on Australian data the preset. color you choose. The GW2485TC aims for a perfect, natural 6500K, but consistently .Undershoots or overshoots, and the color temperature controls in the OSD don’t help matters.

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